Video Testimonials

for Financial Advisors

Get ahead of your competition with testimonial videos for advisors

We’ve been helping insurance industry professionals positively influence their prospects with video testimonials for years.

Now that new SEC marketing rules permit advisors to use testimonials, we’re excited to make our highly effective video testimonial product available to this industry.

Just for Advisors

We’ve been working in film since 2010 and started our journey with insurance professionals, but we’ve been busy positioning ourselves to serve the unique needs of advisors. 

We’ve published articles for the Journal of Financial PlanningNAPFA, and Vimeo. And we’ve taught workshops through UCLA Extension and the Financial Planning Association.

We know how to ask your clients the right questions and work directly with your compliance team.

In this filmed-in-person testimonial, Amber and Robert rave about their relationship with Global Wealth Advisors in Lewisville, Texas. 

100% Done-for-You Service

Just provide us with email addresses for your clients who have agreed to participate, and we’ll take care of the rest. Need help figuring out how to ask for participation? We can help (and we coordinate with your compliance team).

You’ll have the opportunity to review the interview questions before we record, and to revise the testimonial videos before we deliver.


Increase Conversions from Referrals

Is your business primarily driven by referrals? Great! Keep that going.

The sale isn’t made when you get a referral. Prospects are still shopping and when they go to your website, they’re still looking for proof that it’s a good idea to choose you.

Instill Trust in Your Prospects

Testimonials aren’t just about information – they should instill a sense of trust and credibility in your prospects.

Our interview and editing process ensures that your video testimonials won’t feel stiff or scripted. 

We make authentic connections with your clients so they feel comfortable sharing their positive experiences through relaxed, open conversation. 

Nurture Your Client Relationships

Asking your client to participate in a video testimonial reinforces the mutual trust and respect in your relationship.

You’re not only reminding them that they’re a star client, you’re expressing faith in them. Asking them to represent the face, voice, and energy of your company is a tremendous compliment.

Target Specific Niches and Demographics

Different niche clients are motivated by different benefits. The benefits of working with your firm is different for a millennial business owner than a retiring couple. 

Laser-target your messaging by sharing your clients’ stories that resonate with others like them. 

Gain Client Insight

A great video testimonial will also help you tune into what’s working really well about your business.

Knowing what your clients appreciate most reminds you where to focus your attention. Doing more of what’s good for your clients is great for your business.

Compliment Your Brand's Look and Feel

For video testimonials that blend seamlessly with your other marketing materials, just provide us with your brand style guide, and we’ll make sure we match your logo usage, colors, and typography.

Website revamp on the horizon? No problem. Our Guarantee comes with unlimited free rebranding for an entire year after delivery. 

Sample remote testimonial video

Sample remote testimonial video (this one’s about us!)

Boutique Advisor Practices:

Eager to get ahead of your competition? Now is the time to leverage your client’s stories to fill your pipeline.

Booking consultations is easier with authentic social proof, and video testimonials are the most powerful and scalable social proof you can have.

Another remote sample (this client loved our testimonial service!)

In-House Marketing Professionals:

We know you’re expected to produce effective collateral within a limited budget.

That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to try our Financial Advisor Video Testimonial service at a budget-friendly price.

Keep reading to find out how you can make sure we’ll deliver high-impact content with a low-risk investment.

Our Guarantee

Unlimited Free Revisions

Unlike our competitors, we don't limit the number of times you can request pre-delivery changes without being charged. If we have the necessary footage, your edits are free.

Free Rebranding

Website revamp coming up? If the look and feel of your brand changes within a year of delivery, we'll update the logo, typography, color scheme, and graphics in your testimonials at no charge.


Am I allowed to use video testimonials?

As the SEC, many state authorities, and many broker-dealers have clarified their implementations of the Modernized Marketing Rule, many advisors are now allowed to use video testimonials.  Always check with your compliance officer for information specific to your case. 

This article by Chris Stanley, published in Kitces is a great resource on the topic; it notes: “The SEC’s Final Rule (86 FR 13024) was published in the Federal Register on March 5th, 2021. The effective date for the rule [was] May 4. RIAs [had] 18 months to become compliant with the new rule, with a firm compliance deadline of Nov. 4, 2022.”

If you are not SEC-registered and state-registered only, we took the time to email every single state. Contact us for state-specific information.

How do I know my testimonials will be compliant?

We will work directly with your compliance officer to ensure we edit everything to their specific instructions, including the required disclosures. Additionally, the types of questions we ask clients during interviews avoid problem areas naturally. Your compliance team will likely want to review those ahead of time – no problem. 

What do you need from me?

Just provide us with email addresses for the clients who have agreed to participate, and we’ll take it from there. Need help with language on how to ask clients to participate? Happy to help (in coordination with your compliance team). 

How do I ask my client to participate in a video testimonial?

Your clients want to help you! We have some guidelines and email templates to help you get started.

Can I order now and have some time to think about who I want to ask?

Definitely. You can take advantage of our volume pricing by prepaying even if you’re not yet sure who your participants will be.

How long does it take to make a video testimonial?

Part of the answer to this will depend on your client’s schedule, but once we’ve done the recording, typically, you’ll see a finished draft in about 2 weeks. 

What's the time commitment for my client?

There is a pre-interview call that lasts about 15 minutes, and later, the recording session itself, which lasts 45 minutes. 

The recording session includes 15 minutes to guide the participant through the technical setup.

Will you represent my company professionally to my client?

We know it’s important that we make a good impression on your client. For that reason, our process has been refined over many repetitions to optimize the client experience.

We are very professional and personable, and have consistently received high marks from participants of all backgrounds from camera-shy people to media-trained corporate executives.

Can I give input on the content of my video testimonials?

Yes! We will draft a client-specific list of questions that you can review and revise before we interview your client. We will also share and get input from your compliance team if requested. 

We’ll do our best to make sure the interview covers your priority topics and the selling points that matter most to you.

How much footage will you record?

Our interviews last 30 minutes, and only the strongest, most authentic parts make it into the final product.

How long are your video testimonials?

While we don’t have any hard-and-fast rules about the final length of a testimonial, most are around 1.5 to 2 minutes long.

Do I need my client's written permission to display their video testimonial publicly?

We have each participant sign a standard release form that formalizes their consent for you to use the recorded material as you see fit.

Do you record through Zoom via streaming?

No. We use a specialized platform that records locally on the participant’s computer to eliminate video quality issues related to streaming. To your client, it feels very similar to a Zoom call–all it takes is an Internet connection using Chrome as a browser. 

Will the video and audio quality be good?

We provide each participant with an easy-to-use camera, microphone, and light that create much better results than what’s built in to most computers.

We also guide them through the setup of the equipment and their recording space. 

Can my client keep the equipment?

Our list pricing includes borrowed gear that we ship out.

However, we can drop ship the equipment brand new to your client for a small additional cost (If your client is outside the continental United States, we require this service).

Otherwise, we’ll provide a prepaid return label so they can easily send it back (this loan service is included). 

What's the pre-interview call for?

The pre-interview call is for establishing rapport. We’ve found that participants are much more at ease during the interview if we’ve already met them. We also walk through some recording logistics.