Introducing Legacy Films for your HNW Clients

Short or long, our professional filmmakers can create meaningful legacy films for your clients.

By referring your clients to hire us for this service, you offer an opportunity to share their “why” in an impactful personal documentary. 

(What’s in it for you? Keep reading…)

Why do I do this? My story

Hi! Kerri here, co-owner of Authentic Advisor Video

When I was a little girl, I was so nervous about being in the spotlight that a lot of my photos show me smiling but my lips are curled around my teeth. I was so shy that my body was trying to hide from the camera, retreating inside itself. 

Now, I own a film production business and frequently appear in my own marketing videos. I still get nervous, but I do it anyway.

And to go full circle, I’ve also come to appreciate my shy little girl self because as a child who didn’t talk much, I listened…

When I sit with people for interviews and they really share their story with me, I’m there to listen. Like a tree listens. Generously.

(Now guess what?…That opens up a lot of things to share about my story.)

I’m sharing this short bit because it’s a simple, vulnerable, meaningful story of change. It’s the legacy I want to leave: one of listening and reflecting back stories to connect humans with each other, even (especially) people who are camera-shy 

It’s not: I cured cancer. Or: I escaped an oppressive regime. Or: I built wealth from a nickel. But it begins to unfold the story of what I believe to be my work in this world. That’s what a legacy film is. 

Maybe your client doesn’t think they have a story worth telling. They do. If they are willing, I will find it. 


legacy videos

This is me, age 8, in a Girl Scout parade. I knew my mom was taking a photo and I was so self-conscious about it, I couldn’t even look at her! 

Or maybe their legacy story is quite obvious...

Meet Courtney Brockmeyer, Founder and CEO of Sydney Paige Foundation.

Here's One Example

As a former Nestle executive, Courtney is living a vibrant and impactful life that will leave a long-lasting legacy for her community.

Her nonprofit, Sydney Paige Foundation, empowers kids in need with backpacks and school supplies. 

The short video we produced not only showcases her personal story but also serves as powerful fundraising tool for her cause. 

freelancer vs video agency
As an advisor, how would it change your relationship with clients to offer them the opportunity to reflect back on their years and share their own life story of change?

Neat. But why would you offer this to your clients?

In other words: what’s in it for you? Fair question! 

Two bottom line reasons:

1. It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, we’ll pay you for successful referrals. 

Your introduction is valuable to us and we’ll happily share a referral fee with you. 

2. Opportunity for client testimonial video footage. 

If your client hires us, we will prioritize telling their story for their video. 

And…we also have the opportunity to ask them about their experience working with you. On camera. Which could be beneficial for your marketing. If we capture great footage, we can work with you and your compliance team to edit an additional testimonial video for you, at a much lower rate than our usual service for advisor testimonial videos.

We know trusting us with your clients is an important decision.

Here’s what Courtney has to say about working with our team, Jeff and Kerri Feazell, owners of Authentic Advisor Video (and its parent company, Concurrent).

We also have many references we’re happy to share, along with this video about what our interview process is like. 

Curious to Learn More?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation – every project is as unique as the stories we share. 

We can accommodate most budgets: from cinematic quality to remote recordings. From short films to feature length documentaries. 

Ready to Share with Your Clients?

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