How We Partner with In-House Marketers

Hats off to In-House Marketers!

Here are some of the many reasons we love you:

  1. You speak human. Financial advisors aren’t always the best at communicating advanced concepts to regular folks, but in-house marketers understand what makes people tick, and know how to connect with prospects in a way that’s relevant to them.

  2. You’re on top of things. You know what everyone else out there is doing, and what channels and strategies you need to apply for your own company. No need to convince an in-house marketer how important video is!

  3. You have an imagination. Marketers are naturally creative. You can see an example and visualize what a similar video will look like with your company starring.

  4. You know how to attribute. We love it when an advisory firm has the wisdom to hire a marketer, because marketers help us prove that our work is effective by partnering with us to build systems that attribute measurable successes to the videos we create.

  5. You’re fun people! Marketers are almost always great conversationalists and just generally enjoyable personalities. Our job is more fun when an in-house marketer is our main contact.

We Know Working With Creative Vendors Can Be stressful.

Well, at least the ones who:

  • Take no interest in your bigger goals surrounding the project

  • Quote on their hours, rather than on the results you want (how would you know how fast they work?)

  • Require non-stop handholding

  • Only ask about details; never your vision

  • Make you feel like you have to accept major flaws to keep within budget

  • Try to cut you out of the loop

  • Seem annoyed by your needs and concerns

😩 Ugh. None of that here.

Our process is designed not only to deliver a great result, but to create a joyful experience for the in-house marketer.

You’re Not Alone.

We’re not the type to just sell you a video.

Our engagements start with a deep conversation to make sure all the work we do has a specific purpose toward the metrics your leaders use to evaluate you.

We’re here for your company and for your career.

We want to make you look good!

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