5 Benefits of Video Testimonials – for You AND Your Clients

Is it worth it to jump through the hoops to solicit a client video testimonial?

I certainly think so.

Why? You’re simply going to have more success with getting your message across with video. Written text cannot compare to seeing a person on camera—with all their body language and nonverbal cues—share why they trusted you with their assets.

Data supports this video vs. text: according to Forbes Insights, “59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch the video.”

See for yourself.

Here’s one example of my own testimonial video (we have others). This one is is a story-based montage and is specific to the way I conduct interviews and work with people who consider themselves camera-shy.

Benefit #1: Video testimonials are like someone else giving you a personal introduction to your prospect.

Which leads are the easiest to close? Random Internet people or referrals? Not a trick question: referrals, of course!

Whatever you do to generate leads, whether it’s inbound or outbound, there’s nothing quite like being introduced to a prospect by someone they already trust.

Personal introductions are a shortcut to winning business, and video testimonials are like personal introductions that scale.

If your client is really happy with your work, they want an easy way to share their smart choice with their friends and colleagues—put them in a video and give them a chance to share!

Benefit #2: Video testimonials make you feel great about your business.

Do you like crying tears of joy?

Good, because: get ready, your eye might leak a little. As uncomfortable as it may be to receive praise directly, it’s a pretty darn good time to watch a video of your favorite clients talking about specific things they love about you and why they chose you to trust with their assets. It’s the ultimate validation and inspiration for you as a business leader.

And there’s no shame in watching a few testimonial videos about yourself to help pump you up on a bummer day or before you have a big presentation or sales call. We can all use a real boost!

And guess what? Your clients also want you to feel good and be happy—when you work from a place of joy, your clients benefit.

Benefit #3: Video testimonials give you insight into what your customers really appreciate.

A great video testimonial will also help you tune into what’s working really well about your business. Knowing what your customers appreciate most reminds you where to focus your attention. Doing more of what’s good for your clients is…good for your clients.

Benefit #4: Your customers feel honored being asked to participate in video testimonials.

This may surprise you, but it’s true.

I’ve enjoyed interviewing dozens of people for testimonials and there is a consistent tone to these conversations: gratitude for the work that was done and a feeling of genuine honor to be asked to talk about it. If your customers have truly benefited from your work with them, they’ll be glad to give back.

It’s a little like being asked to be the maid/matron of honor or best man in someone’s wedding–there’s an honor in being trusted to provide support for something important.

Not sure how to ask? Check out this blog post: How to Ask Your Client for a Video Testimonial. Bonus: download our free email templates.

Benefit #5: Video testimonials give your customers brand exposure.

If your client has their own business, they probably want to share that with the world! Some of your customers may take the opportunity to wear a branded shirt and recognize the value of brand exposure for their own company. They’re savvy! All of our customer testimonials include an onscreen title for your customer, to lend credibility for you and brand exposure for them.

Aside from business owners, we all have a “personal brand”—the way we think about ourselves in the world. Do your clients want to be thought of as savvy with their finances and choosing excellent professionals? Probably. Give them a chance to ask about it.