Be Efficient with Financial Advisor Video Marketing

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If you’re a financial advisor or wealth manager, you are likely many things: an expert in financial planning, a salesperson, someone who believes in growing wealth, and… a financial advisor video marketing expert?

If that last one isn’t quite in your wheelhouse, don’t worry. I’ve got ya.

Though there are many ways for financial advisors to market themselves, when it comes to establishing early trust with prospects, video can’t be beat.

Why financial advisor video marketing is key

    1. Video is the most efficient form of storytelling for business leaders. This FastCompany article is a great reminder that prospects respond MUCH better to good storytelling than to facts about your services.

    1. Your prospective clients want to meet you and really connect with the person they’re trusting with their wealth. Wealth management is a personal business, and prospects expect a personal relationship with their advisor. Video is the most effective and human way to introduce yourself to a prospect before your first live conversation.

    1. You can get started right now, by yourself, with your phone. If you want to upgrade your video content as you scale, great! You can always refresh your content and make something more polished. But for now, get started. When done right, video can be a powerful sales tool, so why not start experimenting now to see what works?

      What not to do: bad financial advisor video marketing

      The idea of video marketing might kind of freak you out. That’s normal – there’s a lot to think about. What if you make a big investment and then get in trouble with compliance? What if no one watches your video? What if you have no marketing budget left and you’re struggling to get clients?

      Don’t worry – it’s not that scary. Just avoid these basic financial advisor video marketing pitfalls:

      Don’t ignore compliance.

      First and foremost, don’t get into trouble with a regulatory agency or your broker-dealer’s compliance department. When in doubt, always ask your broker-dealer’s compliance officer. We highly recommend coordinating with them before you create your video.

      Your video team should be more than willing to collaborate with you and your compliance officer throughout the entire process to make sure your video doesn’t raise any flags. (If you haven’t selected a video strategy team yet, we’d love to help you!)

      Don’t be boring (because I promise: you are not boring).

      Have you ever seen a financial advisor video marketing video so boring it made you feel embarrassed for the company being advertised? Maybe the person in the video was describing at length their “unique approach” or a dull, chronological history of their firm.

      All humans are interesting when they’re being authentic. But we get so caught up in the mundane details of our products and services that we forget what our prospects actually care about: what kind of people we are.

To avoid being boring, make sure you:

    • Don’t use a script – use a natural conversation interview, then edit it down to the most authentic moments. Leverage clips where the person on camera is experiencing a genuine emotion as they speak. (More on this later in the article.)

    • Focus on your why – instead of endless details about what you do, emphasize why you got started in the wealth management business, and how it makes you feel when you help your clients.

    • Relate to your prospects on a personal level – instead of positioning yourself as an omnipotent authority, be human, and make it clear that you love people and desire to help them build wealth.

      Don’t hire a video strategist if you can’t afford it.

      Our typical client has at least five full time employees. We don’t want to take money from a financial advisor who is just starting out or from a budget that’s stretched too thin. 

      Our clients are certain we can help them because they not only understand the basics of financial advisor video marketing, they have basic marketing infrastructure in place to make their investment worthwhile. (It doesn’t need to be completely robust; a presence on social media is a minimum.) 

      In addition to your video content, you also need a marketing plan and someone to implement that plan. When you’re budgeting for video, make sure you devote some marketing dollars to get your videos in front of the right people. (Keep reading for some DIY solutions we created for clients who want to get started making their own videos.) 

      What to  do: financial advisor video marketing

      Coordinate with compliance throughout your process of financial advisor video marketing.

      Compliance has a reputation for being a headache. In fact, I wrote an article for the Journal of Financial Planning on the topic: Create an Authentic Marketing Video Without a Compliance Headache.

      By nature, rules are about what you can’t do. But don’t be scared: there are lots of things you can do in video. And when you start there and work with compliance throughout the process, the process gets smoother.

      In summary, I would advise, based on my experience as a video producer in the financial planning industry, the following: 

      • Get your video team and compliance talking before you film anything. Your video team will need to understand rules about what can and can’t appear in a video. For example, the award plaques mounted in your office may make great visuals, but they could contain claims that violate SEC rules for advertising. If you’re doing an interview-based video (which is what we recommend), get your broker-dealer’s compliance department to approve your list of interview questions before you shoot. If you’re doing a scripted video, get approval for the script.

      • After filming, have another conversation between your compliance officer and video team. Right after we filmed a series of financial advisor brand videos for Global Wealth Advisors, we had a really helpful conversation with their broker dealer’s Advertising Review Manager. Even though we coordinated ahead of time as well, a conversation at this step helped us think about the footage we actually shot and ask about the finer details of what could and couldn’t be used.

      • Once you have a “final” edit, it’s not final until it’s compliance-ready. Make sure you understand your video agency contract and if your video team will charge any extra fees for multiple rounds of edits. At Authentic Advisor Video, we offer our clients unlimited editing rounds. We do this because we want our clients to know everything they are paying upfront and we want to create a final product that they use and are really happy to have as an effective sales tool.

      Be yourself (because the real you  is interesting, not boring).

      OK so right now you might feel boring because you may be a little stressed about understanding financial advisor video marketing. But I really promise, you’re not boring. I love interviewing people (especially if you’re camera-shy!) because people are always interesting…if they are being their authentic selves. 

      If you’re camera-shy, don’t worry. (I relate!) And I can help you. 

      Instead of reading a script word-for-word, use natural conversation interviews.

      I used to belong to a networking group and many members used the same vendor to produce their marketing videos. All the videos were rigidly scripted, read from a teleprompter, and made the business lead look boring, rigid, uncomfortable, and lacking confidence. 

      Unfortunately, that is too common as you delve into financial advisor video marketing. I would watch a video and then meet the same person in real life and think, “they’re so warm and lovely, they’re confident experts…but anyone who watches their video will come away thinking they’re nervous.” 

      You’re not an actor. You’re a financial advisor. It takes years of training and experience to memorize a script and be confident on camera. But what if you can just show up, be yourself, and answer questions you already know the answer to? 

      Documentaries are highly engaging because they feature real people being themselves, drawn out by an expert interviewer. That’s what will connect with your audience, not you reciting a perfectly worded script. And don’t worry about getting it exactly right while filming. Expert video editing will eliminate any awkward moments and things you might have said that would raise compliance flags. 

      Instead of listing information, get the story out.

      If you overhear a conversation in public, what are you more likely to tune into? Someone reading a train schedule or someone telling a story about the train trip they took as a child that changed their life? Unless you’re late for your train, your brain will naturally tune into the story

      Information (especially irrelevant information) is boring. Stories are engaging and establish trust, especially with people you don’t know yet. In your brand video, talk about why you do what you do instead of what you do. (Those “what” details are important and they belong in text on your website, after your prospect is already interested in you, hopefully after they watch your video and think: “I have to work with them!”)

      Relate to your audience in a personal way through your financial advisor video marketing.

      The easiest and most effective way to relate to your audience in a personal way is to make “I” statements of belief or emotion. For example: 

      • I like this work because…

      • I believe in what I do because…

      • I care about my customers because…

      Great interview questions draw these things out naturally because they connect with interviewees and encourage them to share personal sentiments. Audiences love these statements because they deliver authenticity.

      Your customers want to hire you because they want to know you love taking care of all the details of financial planning that may overwhelm or confuse them. When you can convey that you enjoy your work, people are apt to trust you. 

      In our own brand video, my partner and I interviewed each other. Through this recorded conversation, I revealed something that I wasn’t even previously aware of about myself. I said: “I like getting people to trust me.” When I watched the video for the first time, I realized how true that is of me and how core it is to who I am–those are the moments you can’t manufacture. 

      As you’re thinking about financial advisor video marketing, think about how you can reveal something personal to be relatable. 

      Why do I want people to trust me? Because I want to know who they really are. I crave authenticity. 

      If you’re inspired and motivated, take action.

      Instead of waiting to create your video, just go for it. Your hair will never be perfect. You don’t have to decorate your office first. You might not lose the ten pounds you wanted to. Embrace where you’re at and move forward.

      Start for free by grabbing your phone. 

      Experiment! Practice!

      I’ve been practicing myself with LinkedIn video posts every Friday (these also go in my weekly quick tips). They are imperfect! But my message and personality comes across–that’s what matters because that’s what connects. 

      Here’s one example: 


I hope you’re inspired! As you delve more into the world of video and discover how to maximize financial advisor video marketing, remember: 

    1. Involve compliance at every stage.

    2. Be yourself–your most authentic, least boring self. 

    3. Get started now, even if it’s just you, your phone, and some solid advice 

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