Why I Love Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors

breadcrumbs on counter

For me, hiring a financial advisor seemed impossible.

Because, in the house I grew up in, wealth was regarded as very nice. For other people.

My core money message was: “We don’t have enough.”

I felt embarrassed by my hand-me-down Girl Scout dress that was a weird color while everyone else in Troop 224 had a uniform uniform. It was uncomfortable to me to stand out as a kid because I stood out as not having enough and internalized that into: “I’m not enough.”

But when I finally hired a financial advisor, a lot changed. My mindset shifted from “scraping breadcrumbs off the counter” to “making more dough!” 

Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: It's Transformational

A lot of us–even as professionals with accomplished careers–fear standing out because we associate that with painful or awkward childhood memories. But, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to differentiate. You need to stand out. This is why I love digital marketing for financial advisors.

It can be transformational. Digital marketing for financial advisors–when done well–can help you connect your authentic self to clients who need you most. 

I actively desire transformation and make conscious choices to support myself through these processes–a financial advisor has helped me with that. 

And here’s a fact that’s really important: 

Without digital marketing for financial advisors, I would not have found the financial advisor who helped me engage in transformational work. 

It was not a referral. 

I actively sought an advisor entirely based on digital presence. 

I interviewed three advisors and it was only the ones who impressed me with their digital marketing who booked a phone call with me. 

Why is Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors Effective?

Simply, digital marketing gives you the chance to share who you are, why you love what you do, and who/how you can help. With digital marketing, you can make that connection directly and immediately with your prospective clients. When you layer in video strategy, you add an entirely new dimension of effective digital marketing for financial advisors.

I could write more about that, but I think it would be better to show you in this video: 

To Stand Out, Lean Into Vulnerability

I’ll go first. Here’s a bit more vulnerability from me. It wasn’t just financial literacy that I was lacking, there was a deeply emotional aspect of money-making that had me mired in self-sabotage. I felt undeserving. And because of that, I was under-serving people who need me.

With my own embrace of digital marketing, along with the mindset shift my advisor provided, change was not only possible, it happened.

Another element of standing out is to ability to be found. That’s where digital marketing comes in. You need effective, authentic content and you also need to deploy that content with strategy.  

Nothing Happens Without Effort


Because I laid the groundwork for digital marketing, I was primed for success when help was available. Within two months of working with my advisor, I onboarded my highest paying client!

I no longer felt helpless. I no longer felt money was for other people. I started to imagine and feel like achieving wealth for myself was possible. And that I could do it as an entrepreneur.

When I help advisors—especially Main Street advisors who are committed to being passionately independent—I understand from personal experience how life-giving your work is.

When you are ready to get serious about digital marketing (your mindset shift), the effort you put into do it yourself or hire someone to help you will pay off. 

Embrace Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors - with Help

There’s a mistake a lot of make with digital marketing (myself included), and it slows us down. There are many DIY tools available. But you know what they don’t come with? More hours in the day. More lifetimes to learn what you need to learn to get your digital marketing up and running. 

You are the emotional, human side of money. And we need you. We need you doing what you do best. Not trying to do it all (or asking someone on your team to do it all). 


You help us navigate important life transitions like death and divorce. You help us stay optimistic in the face of uncertainty. You have tough conversations with us and guide us with empathy about the past mistakes we’ve made. You steer us toward a more certain and stable future. You help us break unhealthy habits and heal relationships with money. 

The human-centered work you do is vital to helping humans thrive in a modern world. In fact, I think of you as modern clergy. 


This is why I’m passionate about helping financial advisors.


I want to help you succeed in sharing your story in a way that matches you with clients who truly connect with you as an authentic human. 

That happens through effective dial marketing, especially through the powerful medium of video.

This is our mission at Authentic Advisor Video. 

And we are passionate about serving you so you can serve the clients who need exactly what your unique offering is for them.

Stand out. Get found. Authentic Advisor Video.