When Advisor Video Production Fails in Marketing and What to Do Instead

Achieve Success Throughout the Entire Advisor Video Production Process

You know you have to have video. And you know you can’t afford to see your advisor video production fail. So, you set out with a wonderful plan that might go something like this:

  • Step 1: Create budget (done!)

  • Step 2: Get approval on budget (miracle!)

  • Step 3: Create video (OK!)

  • Step 3: Launch video campaign (how exciting!)

  • Step 4: Video is unwatched, buried, or doesn’t even launch (arghhhh!)

You’ve invested so much and it’s so discouraging when your advisor video production fails. I know.

There could be many reasons why videos fail and it’s important to assess your unique situation and truly enumerate those reasons before you try, try again when at first you don’t succeed. You need to work and rework a video marketing strategy. That includes ensuring that you begin with an ROI-focused marketing strategy.

And based on my observations as an advisor video production professional, I offer up a few possibilities as to why advisor video could fail. And, what to do about it.

Advisor video production fails when the video is painfully boring

The default expectation for advisor video production is that your video will be painfully boring so TBH, you don’t have to try very hard to rise above that. However, you do have a big hurdle to get over because of the yawn-worthy reputation.

If someone clicks on your video link, you have won. And you better win them over immediately if you don’t want see your strategy fail.

Advisor video production fails when they drown in a sea of sameness

I’ve seen a lot of “lifestyle” brand videos. Actually, I’ve seen enough of them to spot the same stock footage in multiple videos. The same music, the same quick cut edits, the same actors cheersing the same beers, the same lens flare. My most immediate, meanest thoughts are: “this business is generic, only cares about the bottom line, and is trying to be cool.”

I realize that may not be true!

But my impression from their video is already in my mind as a consumer. If you really have a great product or service that has an honest reason to stand out in the marketplace, please don’t let your videos fail by drowning in a sea of sameness.



3 ways to prevent your advisor video production from failing


Be immediately engaging

The quickest way to not be boring is to reveal an emotion, a passion, a belief. Share your perspective. Create curiosity. Tell a story.

For example, here are the first lines of a few of our brand videos:

“We are really bad people to invite to parties.”

“It’s not about me being Ken Pun, the managing partner of the Pun Group; it’s all about our people.”

Those are videos from an insuretech company and an accounting firm (through our other production brand, Concurrent). Engaging people? Yes. But if they had opened with what they do, you would have been bored. They’re engaging because they are about people who care.

Take a risk and stand out from the crowd by being your authentic self

It’s been said a million ways and perhaps the most poetic is Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Yet, somehow, our inner 13-year-old self can still rule corporate executives and we have an instinct to play it safe. We do what everyone else is doing. Please don’t listen to teenager inside you telling you to stand against the wall at the school dance. That kid doesn’t necessarily want to see your videos fail.

But that kid is afraid. Be kind to yourself and then take a risk.

Hire an advisor video production team who makes you feel comfortable on camera

It’s been a few years now and I learned a lot from the experience with the CEO who didn’t like how she looked on camera. Maybe there was nothing I could have done. I thought they were confident and genuine and amazing and looked great!

But maybe I was so sure they were so sure of themselves that I forgot to make sure they knew that I knew they look and sound awesome. Maybe I could have done something differently.

In any case, no matter who I’m interviewing now, I make sure that if I have a thought about how well they’re doing, I tell them. (And equally, I make sure we don’t put the cameras away until we have the very best footage from the very best angle.)

When you’re considering investing money to hire a video production company, make sure you hire someone who knows how to draw out your most authentic self and get you comfortable on camera. This is something I love to do and I’ve gotten better at it with years of practice.

The video below gives you a peek into my process and what a few people have to say about it:

Summary: Better Advisor Video Production

Whether you’ve been burned in the past when your advisor video production team fails or you’re new to video strategy and afraid to spend money, you can set yourself up for success. We love helping companies walk through their fears and work our way in to a solution that feels right together.

Let’s collaborate to make sure your advisor video production does not fail!

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