8 Great Questions for Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

Financial advisor testimonial videos are an awesome way to promote your business – if you ask the right video testimonial questions and get emotionally-connected answers. So how do you get the genuinely emotional content you need for your customer testimonials? It is about the right video testimonial questions…and a little more than that.


But first, compliance


Always check in with your compliance team throughout the process of creating video content.This article from Chris Stanley on Kitces provides a great overview on the topic: Advertising With Testimonials And Endorsements Under The New SEC Marketing Rule.


One of the reasons we chose to work with advisors as our niche is because we had early validation from the Financial Planning Association about the way we create videos at Authentic Advisor Video. Our videos are story-based and genuine stories are truly what makes good financial advisor testimonial videos. And the good news about that is: sharing stories (rather than talking about investment returns) sets you up to be successful with compliance.


Curious to learn more about our storytelling process and compliance? Check out this article I wrote for the Journal of Financial Planning: Create an Authentic Marketing Video Without a Compliance Headache.


All that said, I am not a compliance expert; please follow the advise of your compliance team, which may differ from the ideas offered here, which are not intended as legal advice. 

From conversations with advisors and compliance experts, I realize many advisors are waiting to see how things play out for those who go first. There are a few of you brave enough to take the plunge and be among the first to enjoy the competitive advantage they get from having financial advisor testimonial videos on their website. 

Here’s a peak at what a few of your competitors are doing with their financial advisor testimonial videos that we created for them – the first was an in-person cinematic film production and the second was remotely recorded (more on that below): 

Choose the Right Clients for your Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

First, if you can choose, choose great customers who are really in love with your company.

If you’re not sure how to ask or not sure who would be willing to answer your video testimonial questions on camera, check out this blog post: How to Ask Your Client for a Video Testimonial.

Go Unscripted for Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

Next, set up an interview. Scripted testimonials aren’t going to work in video. They’ll be stiff and awkward because your customers aren’t actors. What matters most about financial advisor testimonial videos is establishing trust. If your customer appears to lack confidence on camera, that will undermine the goal of establishing trust. When you ask the right testimonial video questions, you’ll get a genuine, authentic response.

Consider Remote Recording for Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

Decide if you’re going to film in person or remotely. At Authentic Advisor Video, we film a lot of our customer testimonials remotely because they’re less expensive for our clients, more convenient for everyone, and the production value doesn’t detract from the purpose of the video as a sales tool: to establish trust. In fact, a video that isn’t cinema quality can be an advantage in the right context. 


Asking video testimonial questions on camera can be done remotely with the right tools. Inclined to DIY your financial advisor testimonial videos? Download our free gear list and free email templates.

Get Comfortable

Make your customer feel super comfortable. Asking client testimonial questions isn’t an interrogation, it’s a fun conversation!

It helps to hire an interviewer who isn’t directly associated with your company. (Yes, we do that!) At the very least, choose an interviewer who isn’t the direct contact of the customer. There’s this weird human thing that seems to happen–it’s hard to talk about people when they’re there, even if it’s all positive.

You’ll get a better video if you create a little separation in that regard. As long as your interviewer has a genuine curiosity and the right video testimonial questions, your interviewer will set a more authentic tone for the interview because they won’t know the answers already.

Get Even More Comfortable

If you’re looking for more in-depth detail on how to set up lighting and make your interviewee feel comfortable, check out this guest post I wrote for leading video platform Vimeo: How to Film an Interview Like the Pros. Bonus: It also covers pre-interview video testimonial questions to help you prepare for your financial advisor testimonial videos. 

8 Great Sample Testimonial Questions for Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

Alright, so you have a great customer and everything is camera-ready, a great interviewer…now, what customer testimonial questions to ask?

Here are eight great sample testimonial questions to ask:

1. Tell me in just a few sentences about you and what you like most about what you do.

People love talking about themselves, so give them an opportunity to do it upfront. It will help you establish rapport and get them into a positive frame of mind.

2. How are you using the company’s products/services?

It’s best to avoid a lot of “what” and “how” questions, but this one is important because it establishes the “they’re like me rapport.” Your prospective customers need to hear this from your current customers.

3. In your situation, why is it important to [insert primary differentiator of your product or service]?

For example:

Why is it important to have a professional handling your 401(k)?

Why is it important to get guidance on business investments?

Why is it important to have family conversations about generational wealth?

Why is it important to start talking about long-term care options and insurance needs?

Again, this clues in your prospective customers to the fact that you are solving problems for people like them. illustrating that point is a key job of client testimonials.

4. In your situation, why does it matter to hire a professional to support your financial health?

This video testimonial question signals your customer to talk about how they made a savvy choice when hiring you as their trusted financial guide, which is good for them and very good for you.

5. What were your first thoughts when you met your advisor?

This will hopefully get a good emotional response. Enthusiastic customers are likely to naturally express the excitement and relief they first felt when they knew your firm could help them solve their problem.

6. What’s your favorite part of working with the company’s team?

When it comes down to it, people want to work with people they like. In your video testimonial questions, give your customer a chance to talk about your team members as human beings.

7. What’s your experience been like working with this company compared to alternatives?

This focuses in on the story of change. You want to move your prospective customer out of their current situation and imagine a better outcome. You can ver effectively communicate a transformation story in a short customer testimonial.

8. In one word, describe your experience working with the company.

This will likely give you a really nice sound bite. And your interviewee will likely elaborate. If they don’t, you can always use the tried-and-true prompt: “tell me more!”

One More Pro Tip for Financial Advisor Testimonial Videos

When I prepare for interviews to create financial advisor testimonial videos, I do quite a bit of research and come up with at least 20 questions. The above questions are generic but–if allowed by compliance–I always make it personal and work really hard to make sure clients are very comfortable being in front of the camera–especially if they’re shy

If permitted, I also improvise and follow threads that come up to get more detail and specifics. I know I probably won’t use every question but it’s good to have more than you need. And always give the option to skip a question, however, if you do multiple client interviews, your compliance officer might want you to ask the same questions of everyone. Consult your compliance team before you engage in a video strategy. 

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