Differentiating Video for Financial Advisors

We help Main Street financial advisors successfully compete with big brands (without a big brand advertising budget).

The Authentic Advisor Video advantage

Professional Video Production for Financial Advisors

Communicate your unique company culture and deliver a clear, unified brand message to prospects.

Get More Prospects to Book Calls
Attract More Like-Minded Clients
Communicate the "Feeling" of Working with You

Global Wealth Advisors | Lewisville, Texas.

Communicate how you're different.

As the seasoned leader of an RIA or registered representative, you might feel:

You’re not alone, but you are unique. There’s a better way to stand out than working harder and doing more marketing than your competitors. 

J.L. Bainbridge & Co. | Sarasota, Florida

Consistently Convert Leads

by giving your prospects a chance to meet you… before they meet you.

The Authentic Advisor Video eliminates comparison to other advisors. We aim to help you:

Turn Website Visitors into Leads

Capture more responses by engaging visitors with authentic video.

Resonate with Your Target Market

Use video to connect authentically with your ideal client.

Establish Trust Right Away

Lower barriers to trust by sharing your authentic self through video.

We understand it's challenging for financial leaders to differentiate themselves effectively.

"Thanks so much, Kerri and Jeff! I think this turned out really wonderfully and it's been such a pleasure to work with you both. Your positivity, responsiveness, and kindness all really stand out!"
Zach Teutsch Financial Advisor Video Testimonial
Zach Teutsch
Founder | Values Added Financial
“Kerri is clearly competent and experienced, but her superpower is that she cares. She is genuinely interested in helping her clients perform at their highest level and, in turn, helping their customers receive the best possible outcomes.”
advisor video
Devin Faddoul
Founder | Adda Financial

Differentiating doesn't require a million-dollar advertising budget.

RIA and registered representative leaders often feel like they’re losing business to big-budget, brand name companies that don’t deliver the same level of client service.

The Authentic Advisor Video gives you the ability to effectively compete using your boutique business model as an advantage, without falling back on the same generic claims other boutique RIAs are making.

Here's the Authentic Advisor Video Process:


Goal-Focused Video Production

Before every engagement, we clarify the business goals you want to achieve with video and design a package that directly addresses those goals.


Conversations, Not Scripts

As a financial professional, you should not be expected to be an actor. Our interviews are enjoyable, natural conversations that uncover the gems that will define and unify your brand messaging. 


Long-Lasting Content

Our professional film crews and editors deliver high-quality videos that are evergreen because they focus on telling your core story.


Compliance-Approved Product

We coordinate with your compliance team throughout the process and only finalize work when it is compliance-approved.

Are We a Match?

We only work with RIAs and registered representatives we are confident will successfully implement a video marketing strategy. We may be a good fit if you:

financial advisor

The way you tell your story can make all the difference.

Here’s where we’ve been sharing ours – in workshops, guest lectures, webinars, and publications.

Where we've taught about video


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